Shibumi Tactical is proud to partner with Human Ventures Group; a leader in human performance and cognitive skills training and evaluation


- HVG develops and enhances mission performance and long-­term resilience. HVG combines the art of Agile Mindset™ training with the latest science in neurobiological feedback.

- Scenario based and data driven, HVG protocols give real­‐time insights in the nature and quality of performance. An individual loaded at 50% accomplishing a task ≠ the same individual loaded at 90%.

- As a mobile training team (MTT), domestic or international, we are wherever YOU need us to be. Rain, snow, sleet or shine; the worst day of weather can be the best day of training.

- As veterans, we are committed to supporting the mission of those who defend our nation, giving back to our community and never forgetting those who support us.

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Refined Simplicity - Simple Elegance - Quiet Perfection

- HVG coaching enables individuals to choose appropriate states of being for the current mission, recover from the outcome, and persist in remaining cognitively dominant.

- Individual neurophysiological response data is used to optimize personal training. Data is consolidated to show trends in unit training and during operations.

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- TEG's passion and motivation for professional, reality based training fuels our entrepreneurial spirit to aggressively evolve our training and products for environments our clients live and work.

- Our concept is to deliver experience and research-based training and equipment to evolve with your tactics, techniques and procedures when and where you need it.