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WIFM School of Survival

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- As a mobile training team (MTT), domestic or international, we are wherever YOU need us to be. Rain, snow, sleet or shine; the worst day of weather can be the best day of training.

- As veterans, we are committed to supporting the mission of those who defend our nation, giving back to our community and never forgetting those who support us.

- HVG develops and enhances mission performance and long-­term resilience. HVG combines the art of Agile Mindset™ training with the latest science in neurobiological feedback.

- Scenario based and data driven, HVG protocols give real­‐time insights in the nature and quality of performance. An individual loaded at 50% accomplishing a task ≠ the same individual loaded at 90%.

- HVG coaching enables individuals to choose appropriate states of being for the current mission, recover from the outcome, and persist in remaining cognitively dominant.

- Individual neuro-physiological response data is used to optimize personal training. Data is consolidated to show trends in unit training and during operations.

- TEG's passion and motivation for professional, reality based training fuels our entrepreneurial spirit to aggressively evolve our training and products for environments our clients live and work.

- Our concept is to deliver experience and research-based training and equipment to evolve with your tactics, techniques and procedures when and where you need it.


- If you spend time in the outdoors and are looking to expand your abilities to explore further, then sign on up.

- If you are looking to get into the outdoors but don’t feel confident in your abilities, come on in.

- If looking for the opportunity to create a lifetime of memories with your friends and or family while expanding your survival skills and outdoor abilities. Take a course or four.

Shibumi Tactical is proud to partner with: Human Ventures Group; a leader in human performance and cognitive skills training and evaluation, Tactical Evolution Group; a reality-based training provider, and WIFM School of Survival; specialists in foundational survival skill transfer.

- (W)ilderness living, (I)mprovisation, (F)ire craft, remote (M)edicine, and (S)urvival or better known as WIFM School of Survival provides the highest quality training at an affordable price. We teach foundational survival skills through to the more advanced true-to-life survival scenario experiences. If you are new to the outdoors and want to learn basic skills, or are an experienced outdoors-person looking to expand your knowledge, our courses are for you. We offer something for everyone.