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- As a mobile training team (MTT), domestic or international, we are wherever YOU need us to be. Rain, snow, sleet or shine; the worst day of weather can be the best day of training.

- As veterans, we are committed to supporting the mission of those who defend our nation, giving back to our community and never forgetting those who support us.

- HVG coaching enables individuals to choose appropriate states of being for the current mission, recover from the outcome, and persist in remaining cognitively dominant.

- Individual neurophysiological response data is used to optimize personal training. Data is consolidated to show trends in unit training and during operations.

- TEG's passion and motivation for professional, reality based training fuels our entrepreneurial spirit to aggressively evolve our training and products for environments our clients live and work.

- Our concept is to deliver experience and research-based training and equipment to evolve with your tactics, techniques and procedures when and where you need it.


- Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi

Shibumi Tactical is proud to partner with Human Ventures Group; a leader in human performance and cognitive skills training and evaluation and Tactical Evolution Group; a professional provider of reality-based training.

- HVG develops and enhances mission performance and long-­term resilience. HVG combines the art of Agile Mindset™ training with the latest science in neurobiological feedback.

- Scenario based and data driven, HVG protocols give real­‐time insights in the nature and quality of performance. An individual loaded at 50% accomplishing a task ≠ the same individual loaded at 90%.

Shibumi is a Japanese word meaning refined simplicity and quiet perfection. Shibumi refers to a clean, simple, restrained sense of distinction, refinement, and taste. A simple perfectly executed killing or disabling blow that was perfected over years of repetition has a special beauty in its effectiveness that is shibumi. Warriors pursue shibumi in and out of the dojo. They strive to find that essence of quality, simple and elegant, in everything they do. Warriors walk quietly into crowded rooms but people are still aware of their presence. These people project a confidence and posture from years of disciplined training. They do not join in cliques because 'they stand alone' but they recognize, respect, and gravitate toward one another. Only warriors understand other warriors.



- Tactical Marksmanship

- Precision Marksmanship
- Close Quarters Marksmanship
- Foreign Weapon Systems
- Close Quarters Battle Tactics and Techniques
- Urban Warfare Tactics
- Small Unit Tactics (SUT)
- Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED)
- Combat Mindset
- Observation and Surveillance
- Low Light Equipment and Tactics
- Threat Vulnerability Assessment
- Defensive Weapons Selection

- Weapon Retention Techniques
- Home Defense
- Maximizing Human Performance Potential
- Small Unit Leadership

- Navigation
- Emergency Medicine
- Tactical Combat Casualty Care (PHTLS)
- Wilderness Medicine
- Remote Rescue Techniques

What We Offer

Shibumi Tactical LLC is a company founded in 2012 by veterans of the United States Marine Corps and private security industry.

Our goal is to provide high quality, relevant, and expert training and consultation services to government, private sector, and citizen clients tailored to their individual goals and objectives.

We also manufacture hand-made custom Kydex holsters, magazine pouches, sheaths, and apply innovative problem solving to other items at customer request.

At Shibumi Tactical we are driven by the Japanese concept of Shibumi as illustrated in the essay by Shihan Ken Funakoshi.

About Our Company