Defensive Weapons Selection
This course covers the capabilities and limitations of small arms commonly used for home defense to aid the defender in choosing the system that best suits their situation, environment, and ability. Discussions will include terminal ballistic effects, shoot-through considerations, effective ranges, and dispelling some common "gun-store" myths.

Emerging Threat Education
Analysis and education on emerging national and global threats related to terrorism, subversive movements, as well as recommended local action strategies to combat wider threats. Based on recent experience, historical analysis, and current open-source information.

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Combat Mindset
This class covers formulating the proper combat mindset required to acknowledge, prepare-for, react-to, survive, and emerge successfully (physically and mentally) from an emergency, disaster, or combat situation.
Also including:
         - Importance of positive mental outlook and programming yourself for success
         - Natural alarm, stress reactions, and coping mechanisms
         - Physiological reactions to interpersonal conflict
         - Abilities required to survive a crisis
         - Stress inoculation

Low-Light Tactics and Techniques
Instructs individuals on the proper use and employment of Night Vision Devices, weapon mounted lights and aiming lasers, as well as hand-held flashlight techniques. Includes instruction on the physiological effects of low-light, reading the light terrain, and methods to reduce operational inhibitors created in low visibility situations.

Observation and Surveillance
This class/practical application ties into the previous instruction on mindset and further develops the individual's awareness of their environment, enhances threat detection, and aids in conflict avoidance. Attendees will learn how to properly scan for indicators, develop memorization skills, and how to conduct exercises to improve their observation abilities.

Close Quarters Battle (CQB)
Provides the fundamentals of combat in a time and space-compressed environment and how to apply speed, surprise, and violence of action to your advantage. Also includes:

  • Mission-based tactics selection
  • Room clearing / entry techniques
  • Surgical marksmanship
  • Equipment selection
  • Performance under stress
  • Team communications
  • Team duties and responsibilities

Home Defense
Attendees will receive both classroom instruction and perform exercises that will allow them to perform a Threat Vulnerability Assessment of their home or neighborhood. They will take away a method (and corresponding materials) that will allow them to identify assets, determine threats and vulnerabilities, and implement appropriate countermeasures to improve security and survive-ability. Also includes:
         - Operational Security and the threats posed by inappropriate/ignorant use of social media and networks
         - Home Layout, barricading techniques, the use of cover and concealment
         - Ballistic considerations in the home
         - Basic room clearing techniques

Tactical Medical Training
Offering a wide array of skills and training approaches from basic lifesaving to advanced tactical and wilderness medicine subjects.Individual survivability to team-based scenarios and tactical training procedures that can be utilized to assess and evaluate team performance. This training includes: basic medical bag packing and usage, individual and specialized medical device use, situations and equipment recommendations, written evaluations and debrief points, prolonged field care with specific wound care, security, protection, and transport considerations.



Ronin-Actual Training Services is the training division of Shibumi Tactical LLC and our goal is to provide high quality, relevant, and expert training and consultation services to government, private sector, and citizen clients tailored to their individual goals and objectives.

Firearms and Marksmanship
Entry-level basic marksmanship classes for the beginning shooter as well as challenging courses that will test advanced practitioners. We provide a process vs. results based curriculum and all courses place an emphasis on mastering the fundamentals and utilize training techniques proven by the world’s top combat and competitive shooters. Topics include:

  • Pistol
  • Rifle / Carbine
  • Shotgun
  • Precision Rifle
  • Foreign Weapons
  • Ballistics / Terminal Ballistics
  • Defensive Weapon Selection

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